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"Bodywork That Helps Your Body Work"


Welcome to Lowcountry Massage Clinic!

"Bodywork That Helps Your Body Work!"


We specialize in Relaxation, Pain Control, Functional issues, and Performance enhancement. 

Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, blue-collar worker, housewife, or stroke victim we are here to partner with you and become a formidable member of your support team!


Now offering Biomagnetism sessions. Call to schedule yours!

     Hello Everyone!  This is Cheryl.  I just finished my own Biomagnetism session.  Wow!  This stuff is not a joke!  First of all I could feel the magnetic forces working on my body.  My left leg has some issues and it felt just like I was trying to put to magnets together and they were pushing apart against me!  I quickly fell asleep because I couldn't help myself!  From my years of experience with different types of therapies, I know that sleep like that is a sure sign of healing.  Other signs of healing in process and physical changes are light-headedness/dizzyness, tingling (that wasn't there before the session), slight queasiness, and some temporary brain-fog or mild disorientation...I had ALL of those without a doubt!  Most important - when the session was done I had no more pain!

We will be posting more on here as we learn and experience more.

Give it a try while we are offering an introductory price.